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Pinckney Clay Presents the art of Reniel R. Del Rosario

We are pleased to present our July window artist Reniel! He will install his work on July 14th. We will hold a closing reception and artist talk on July 31st. Please RSVP on our FB page for this event. Please bring a homemade cake to help us celebrate. There will be a best cake contest with a prize.

About the artist:

My name's Reniel Del Rosario and I'm an artist that works primarily in ceramics. My ceramics are often paired with humor, history, and installation with finished works often ending in large numbers of ceramic objects made to reference, look like, and critique various things from history and art history. For Pinckney Clay I'm creating an assortment of ceramic cakes as a nod to the late Wayne Thiebaud, whose works along with Claes Oldenburg and Elaine Sturtevant, inspired me to create the first work in my series I call the 'Store Projects' (a series of installations where I mimic various conventional store aesthetics, tactics, and objects). While this group of cakes is a departure from the 'Store Projects,' they're still made as a testament to the joy I still find in replicating and appropriating art history that already exists.

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